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The Friday breakfast tradition

tower_breakfast.JPGFor ten years we have provided Friday breakfast.  The photo shows this morning’s offering.  This is in addition to a mixture of healthier museli bars plus a wide selection of coffees and teas.  The Friday breakfast started during the GST rush in 1999 and it is something we have continued with.  Keeping the team fuelled for a busy day is good for us and good for our customers.  The Friday breakfast is also a good way to celebrate the end of the week.



  1. How the world has changed. In the good ol days we’d knock off a slab of grog on a Friday night after work. I spose it’s all for the best.


  2. The offering of something different to other employers for staff in my experience promotes loyalty and a team spirit second to none. Mark have you seen a lower turn over of staff because of this over and above tradition?

    In my past life I provided lunch everyday for my staff – 9 employees. In a tough industry (not newsagency) where staff turnover was high we were able to retain our core staff for 7-8 years. The work didnt change from one company to the other it was just the work environment.

    Where employement costs are one of the main expenses and employees the most valuable asset I have in my business it interest me to see if in the newsagency industry there is also a link.


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