In a customer service organisation like ours where we have more contact with more than 200 of our customers each day, it is vitally important that we are on message. From reception to the help desk to our sales team, it is important that we are all aware of the hot issues and appropriately briefed to answer or at least direct the queries of the day.

We try and cover the need of keeping everyone in the loop as they say through a range of internal communication – both old style (like whiteboards) and new.
While our Sage based CRM system helps in this, it is communication between team members which is the key – people keeping each other in the loop. This is where a good team is vital in helping the whole company serve its customers professionally and in a timely way. They understand the need for open communication.

Whereas in sterile corporate help desk situations people sit in the cubicle and provide support by following scripts, our help desk is open and the advice real for the specific situation.  This genuineness  is essential in delivering goodsupport for the independent retailers in our community.

I got to thinking about this recently because we have been invited to bid for some government business where their focus when it comes to support is more on the corporate approach rather than the human approach.  They want to know more about systems and processes and less about the humanity of the service.

Our help desk and related services have been built for indepdendent retailers.