We are achieving excellent sales of our software for bike shops this year. We put this down to better software. The number of sales coming from word of mouth tells us that the software itself is key to its success.

Our bike shop software delivers some excellent facilities tailored to bike retailers:

  • Supplier links with standard EDI facilities.
  • Serial number tracking for sales.
  • Warranty tracking.
  • Repairs / service management.
  • Automated SMS facilities: end of day totals, repairs tracking and theft management.
  • Customer follow up – turning the first service into a sales opportunity.
  • Email marketing.
  • Lay-By.
  • Loyalty management.
  • Point of Sale. Accounting interface.
  • Smart reporting.

Our Bike Shop software has many facilities beyond these, thanks to the use of core technology on which it is built being used in other marketplaces.

The list above represents the items are often talked about as they sit at the core of business growth achievable from use of our software facilities.