It is difficult to manage a software support call courteously when it can take five minutes to get to the question which needs to be answered.

This is the challenge of any help desk – getting to the reason for the call. Often, stories are told around the reason which can mean the reason itself is lost. This is why we like to start with what we call the crime or the facts. We’ll ask details about matters leading up to the crime as we need.

By starting at what may seem the end can save time. But this is where it gets tricky. Some customers want you to hear their story. We try and steer away from this unless it is necessary to finding a resolution.

There is never a shortage of calls to get to so we need to be respectful of the queue and try and navigate each call in a timely manner. This means we are always looking for the question, the thing we are really being asked so that we can focus on resolving that with certainty.