One of the toughest tasks running a software company is deciding what goes into a software update. There are many factors to weigh. We try and navigate these fairly, considering all stakeholders.

The change most difficult to navigate is that requested by a single user to serve a particular way they use the software in their business. Personally, I find making a decision on such change requests difficult. On the one hand I do not want to let down a customer with a reasonable request for their business while on the other hand I do not want to make the software more complex for other users.

Most software decisions are made by Jonathan Tay, our Software Development Manager, and his team. He does an excellent job navigating change requests and weighing up the implication of each. He and I talk through requests and this is where, sometimes, we have to make a decision on changes sought by just one or two of our customers.

Our online software ideas facility is proving to be useful in learning from our customers what they think.