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Software innovation for newsagents

We anticipate releasing to newsagents by early next week a new software facility which will make managing a key aspect of a newsagency easier.  This is genuine innovation from us, something no other newsagency software develivers today.

We have been able to develop this innovation thanks to co-operation of a major supplier and our own experience in our company-owned newsagencies.

The new facility will give us something else to show when people ask what is different about our software compared to software from others.

This is exciting for us because software and service are the two points of difference between software companies.  As competitive beasts, we always get excited when we have developed something which we know is truly unique, even it it can eventually be copied by others.

The new facility will be delivered without cost to newsagents using our software and covered by our support agreement.


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  1. On the topic of support I just wanted to say how absolutely, positively wonderful you’re support team is. We had a terminal go down (and essentially our whole eftpos system) on a Sunday and your team quickly organised and sent out a tech to fix it first thing Monday morning. Their understanding of the importance and timeliness of our situation was outstanding!

    Now, if only other companies could follow your lead all would be smooth sailing!!


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