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Darwin newsagent user meeting this week

We are hosting a meeting of our Darwin based users this Thursday at 10 am at the Holiday Inn Esplanade Darwin. Access is free.

Luke La from our Brisbane office is hosting the meeting. He will brief our customers on our latest software developments as well as providing training on newsagency magazine management standards.

This is our second time in Darwin for a meeting like this in the last year.  We are fortunate to have a strong Darwin user community.


  1. shame it had to be at 10am on a thursday, impossible for me with magazines and deliveries, hopefully Luke can drop around and see us later.

    Planning needs some work here I think.

  2. Andrew, the consensus of people attending was that the timing was good. I am sorry it does not suit you.

  3. Andrew, Darwin is not an easy place to get to in terms of flights. In terms of costs involved, it is quite expensive for Tower and for our clients. This was the only available day (after a 3 day onsite training) and most cost-effective for everyone.

    We will have 8 attendees who are all in the same boat as you. They have all made arrangements for a maximum of 2 hrs to get up-to-date information and learn something new.

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