Thanks to the free day of training we offer people who purchase a business running our POS software, we get to develop some good relationships.  We do not expect anything from the free day of training other them learning more about the software already installed in the business.  Our no sales pitch approach builds trust.  We are often used as a sounding board when they face business challenged.

A couple of new retailers who have gone through our free training have been in contact recently to discuss challenges they face.  Four to six months in can be tough for a new retailer.  Cash is tight. They are out of easy gain ideas for the business.  They feel they may have taken on more than they can handle.

Thanks to our broad user community we can usually connect new business owners with others nearby who can help them through.  We also offer help ourselves through analysis of business reports and a review of their data to look for opportunities for change which they can implement.

Our help also extends to store visits to look for opportunities to improve the business and to reenergise and refocus the owners.

As retailers ourselves we understand the unique challenges of independent retail.  We are glad to be able to draw on that to help users of our POS software.

This connection we have with our customers, beyond our software, is something we enjoy and encourage.  It makes our work more interesting and demonstrates a bigger-picture  approach we take in serving our custoemers and the retail channel in which they operate.