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XChangeIT software update update

The folks at XChangeIT have kept us closely advised of progress with the latest software update for newsagents.  Their most recent communication at 3am advised:

We had a few issues with a couple of the distributor gateways during the night, and therefore files will be delayed in delivery to you.

We will contact you with updates during the day via email. Gotch & NDC may also send their invoices via email, depending on the status later today.

They had a challenge yesterday when more newsagents than expected went to load the update.  This was corrected and many have subsequently loaded the update.



  1. Mark,
    They sent out three emails telling newsagents to upgrade shortly after 4.30pm on September 30th. They were very precise in their instructions. What would they expect?

    In our case we do our weekly returns at 4.30 – 5.00pm every Wednesdat afternoon and the returns are collected that night/morning. We were able to down load the new XIT by 5.30pm but unable to connect to network server to up load & print the new network lables and therefore we missed our retun pickup.


  2. What a joke. More newsagents then expected when they specifically and several times urged everyone to update shortly after 4.30pm since the old system would no longer work after that time.


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