receipt_printer.jpgI have asked our help desk team to point to advice sheets if they provide the answer to a support query.  This has frustrated some customers who prefer us stayon the phone to talk them through how to do something rather than follow the printed step by step advice we have produced to answer common queries.  I have asked our team to gently hold firm and explain the importance of advice sheets over live advice.

The information in the advice sheets is step-by-step.  Each advice sheet is peer reviewed.  Advice sheets can be stored in a safe place for easy re-use in the business as and when it needs.  These three key points ensure that advice sheets provide faster, better and more consistent outcomes to our customers, certainly better than live advice which is open to interpretation and personalisation.

Take the advice sheet for including logos and coupons on receipts (see left), this outlines how to setup this facility.  While our help desk team could take a customer through this over the phone, it saves our time and saves customer time if they can do it when it suits them.  This way, too, no step is missed as they are all in writing.  The advice sheet outlines this in a way which sets up the commercial value.

We will continue to promote advice sheets if they directly and completely answer the query as this saves time for more personal and pressing help desk calls.  We know that doing this will ensure good customer service and allow us to focus our live time  more approriately.