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The high cost of travel

We spent over $350,000 on domestic travel last year: airfares, rental cars, hotels and travel related expenditure.  It does not include the costs of our sixteen car vehicle fleet.  Travel is a significant cost to doing business and one we are looking at this year.  We are starting by considering shifting bookings to an agency.

Currently, we do all bookings in-house.  This takes time and sometimes we make mistakes which cost extra.  By contracting a professional corporate travel service we are hoping to get better service and reduce costs – that’s the pitch from prospective service providers at least.

Over the next few days we will meet with several service providers and assess their offerings.  Service will be the key.  With so many of our team on the road for most of the year, it is important that they have the flexibility and quality necessary for enjoyable time away from home.


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  1. Hi Mark,

    Reading your post, I’d love to have your views on a travel/personal finance application we’ve just put online: http://www.cost4travel.com.

    The big idea behind cost4travel is to provide a way for travelers everywhere to record and reference their travel costs, so that other travelers can budget realistically for their upcoming trips (more info at: http://www.cost4travel.com/launch)

    I’d love to have your views and the ones from your readers, on the concept, i.e. whether or not you think it can fly.

    Thank you all for your time and interest.

    All the best.

    Stephane Pingaud


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