Our lay-by software and been refreshed to provide even better managment facilities for retailers using our POS software.  The latest changes were developed in close consultation with retailers using our lay-by facilities regularly. Their feedback has been a tremendous help in further enhancing the software.

The latest enhancements deliver better management tools and greater flexibility in changing the structure of a lay-by mid transaction.

The latest lay-by changes are currently in the final stages of quality assurance prior to release.

We have lay-by customers ranging from those handling one or two a year through to those handling hundreds.  Each requires the same consistency from the sales counter to the back office and for records to be kept in a way which appropriately manages GST records.

We have been careful to ensure that we help our retailers adhere to the ACCC guidelines through our lay-by software.

Focusing on lay-bys is timely because we are now in peak lay-by season – in the lead up to Christmas.