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The back story to our training video launch yesterday

tower_training.jpgWe have been playing with training videos for more than a year. Well, playing is not the right word. We have tried a range of approaches including setting up a full in-house Apple edit suite with Final Cut pro. We were trying to make broadcast quality films. Then, recently, we realised we were letting our inner geeks get in the way of good training.  We went back to basics and asked what our customers needed.

What we released yesterday is good geek-free basic training, produced in house and using simple tools which let you see the software in action and hear how to handle the various processes covered.

Around a week ago we completed the first video. We send this to some customers and asked for feedback. We reshot this video and then sought more feedback.
The reaction has been truly amazing. We received emails from more than 50 customers in a few hours. They love the new training. We have a hit on our hands. This feedback has encouraged us to remain committed to the next batch of videos we plan to produce.

A big challenge for us is training done in-store by the person we trained – with them training others. Sometimes this leaves key points out and results in support calls. Retail staff accessing our video training will result in better trained staff and this will reduce support calls.

We are very excited by the benefits which will flow for our customers and us thanks to our commitment to the video training program.


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  1. these look great, i like the idea of the flexibility of being able to train staff on these when it is quiet. they are very imformative and straight forward to follow
    can not wait for next batch


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