We know from various reports that employee theft is a high-cost problem in retail.  We help retailers using our Point of Sale softare to cut employee theft with facilities such as:

  • Employee sales tracking.  Using employee codes and or staff cards, every sales is easily tracked back to an employee.  This makes them accountable.
  • Cash out management.  The til draw cannot be opened without appropriate permission.
  • Owner controlled password protection. Retail owners have the ability to set passwords to control access to any function and thereby restrict what employees can access.
  • Maintenance of an audit log.  We keep evidence of any potential fraudulent behaviour such as deleting sales (if permitted).
  • TXT warnings of bad behaviour.  Our software can automatically send text messages to owners if behaviour has been detected which may indicate theft.
  • Cash management. We carefully manage cash transactionally during the day and at the end of the day.
  • Video integration.  We integrate with DVR technology to overlay counter activity with sales processes.  This makes tracking what happens to cash easier.
  • Tighter EFTPOS integration. Facilities like Tyro cut employee activity when processing sales and this provides fewer opportunities for fraud.

Cutting employee theft in retail starts with the business owners making good decisions around business management.  Once you decide to run a tight ship, the day to day decisions become easier and your core goal has been set.

We have seen businesses add 2% and even more to the net profit of their business as a result of a good theft management policy.