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Big IT changes for newsagents

Network Services, one of three magazine distributors to newsagents, has advised that effective 1st November, they will no longer be accepting or crediting paper Supplementary Return forms. This includes any old paper template forms and POS printouts. This is the next step in the modernisation of the newsagency channel, a project near to our hearts as it helps newsagents cut time out of the operation of their business.

All Supplementary returns are to be submitted by one of two ways – XChangeIT LINK or NETonline.

Network Services has indicated that all returns will be online by 1st December.

Those retailers left currently on monthly and paper are missing out on cash flow due to long paper timeframes as well as greater chance of forms going missing in the mail. The days of missing credits will be gone and all returns will be available to be completed via XChangeIT LINK or NETonline.


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  1. Finally!!! The channel is moving forward.


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