With more newsagents switching to the new XChangeIT Link platform, we have enhanced our XChangeIT support services.

The biggest challenge newsagents face is getting their query in front of the right person. Here at Tower Systems we have a straightforward escalation process. Our help on XChangeIT calls of focused on navigating issues outside Tower.

We navigate (escalate) unresolved magazine distributor and XChangeIT queries to the right people in the respective organisations. We don’t do this on every occasion – only those where we know that escalation is the most appropriate course of action.

While not our obligation to help resolve issues with magazine distributor data or the operation of XChangeIT software in a newsagency, we gladly get involved because we understand the bigger picture of the opportunity for newsagents.

As newsagents ourselves we are keen for the rest of the channel to be using the new XChangeIT Link as this will deliver channel wide benefits which have eluded newsagents for too many years.

To access the supplier escalation services, Tower Newsagents only need ask and one our senior management team will take care of this.