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tips.jpgThe free marketing tips available to anyone at our website generate considerable traffic through Google and other searches.  I checked this out yesterday following contact from a business owner in the US who has had success with some of the tips.  His contact was timely as I am putting together tips for Christmas 2009.  He asked for suggestions in a couple of new areas and showed me how advice I wrote for one type of business is useful in another a different niche.

We have published retail business advice and marketing tips for more than twenty years.  It’s something we enjoy and a way we add value to our customer relationships as well as relationships with the broader retailer community.

Our Christmas 2009 marketing tips should be on the site by Wednesday next week.


  1. Should I be selling ink cartridges?
    Having only recently taken over a suburban news agency/lotto I would appreciate any assistance in the ink cartridge business. Advantages/disadvantages original and refills or just originals and maybe a supplier.
    Any comment would be useful in assessing the opportunity of a new category.

  2. Wally,

    You need to work out what you want to stand for. If it is brand then look at joining a marketing group, like newsXpress, as they have the strategies for you.

    The alternative is to build your own model and make this work for you. So, go shopping and look at what others do. Look at the majors and other newsagents. You will soon plenty of good ideas.

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