Email marketing is easy with our Point of Sale software.  Retailers are able to generate email lists based on customer history with the business.  This facilitates target emails around seasons, products or other criteria.

We have retailers enjoying considerable success today with email marketing thanks to the flexibility of our marketing tools nd their attention togetting the right customer data into the system.

We have published an advice sheet which explains how to quickly extract the email data from customer records managed by our software and how to use this for an email campaign. We can also provide advice on privacy obligations to ensure that our customers do not fall foul of the spam regulations.

Existing customers who have had a good experience are more likely to shop with you again.  Email marketing is a great, low-cost, way of communicating with existing customers, especially if you have a special deal to communicate.

We will gladly help retailers using our software to handle the technical, operational and marketing aspects of email marketing.