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Broadband eftpos uptake grows

Uptake of the Tyro broadband eftpos solution is continuing to grow among our customers.  This is primarily due to excellent word of mouth around the very fast transactions, excellent accuracy and good fraud control.

We have plenty of reference sites our customers can visit to see the transaction speed first hand – including seven retail sites of our won.

Bringing the eftpos processing to within the point of sale software and via a broadband link, as opposed to dial-up, delivers the kind of outcomes busy retailers are looking for.

we are noticing an increase in eftpos transactions in stores using our integrated Tyro solution.   This is due to ease of use and speed.  Employees love it and push back less on offering eftpos as a payment method in very busy periods.

With Christmas coming, Tyro will come into its own as retailers with broadband eftpos will be able to better manage customer throughput than those with older technology.



  1. Can I ask, has there been any other broadband eftpos services?

    Because for things to still be on dial-up in this day and age…


  2. There, but none quite like tyro and their approach to integration.


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