POS Solutions published a blog post yesterday which demonstrates how off track they have strayed.  While we have proactively worked with newsagents without a computer system and newsagent suppliers to develop a package which helps, POS Solutions has done nothing.  Now that our offer is out, they have published misleading information in an attempt to spoil the offer.

They say a competitor “indirectly” refers to them.  We don’t.  Both companies are completely different in terms of software, support, commitment to newsagents and size.  We now serve around three times more newsagents than POS. Their blog post yesterday and others this year demonstrate a focus on words and not action in an effort to gain relevance with newsagents.

The best way they could compete with our continued innovation for newsagents is to genuinely innovate themselves.  Instead, they copy.  We launched online training workshops – they said they would never work.  Now they are doing them too.  Good on them.  We launched a comprehensive video training program – they said they were their first yet offered no evidence of such a program.

This copying is flattering but it is confusing for some newsagents.  POS Solutions spent many years confusing newsagents about software, selling what I’d call sub-standard out of date DOS software to which is now worthless by industry standards.  The loss to the channel of their strategy was considerable.

Newsagents need suppliers who work hard, transparently and with total commitment for newsagents.  This means engaging with newsagents in their businesses, at conferences and with newsagent suppliers.  As a newsagent myself, I and Tower Systems are more deeply embedded with the channel and more practically committed to its future.

The POS Solutions blog post last night is a great example of how far their focus has slipped.

Why does what they say concern me?  Because even one newsagent believing the drivel they published last night is one newsagent too many.  There are better computer companies than them serving newsagents.