Here are some tips to help computer hardware in retail businesses cope with the extreme weather this summer:

  • Remove excess dust.  Do this with care when the computer is turned off.  better still, get it done by an expert.  If you want to do it yourself, disconnect the power and call cables, take the computer outside and clear with compressed air from a can.
  • Ensure there is excellent ventilation around all the equipment.  Remove all unnecessary clutter, papers etc.
  • Ensure you have a UPS, uninterruptible power supply, for each computer.
  • Keep your aircon or evaporative cooler unit away from the computer.
  • Keep water away from the computer – water bottles on hot days get spilt.
  • Don’t have too many devices on a power board.

The main computer box generates considerable heat.  Take the above precautions and you are less likely to experience heat related outage this summer.