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Problems with Avast Anitvirus

Avast released an update to their antivirus software yesterday morning.  This has caused a problem with some of pur customers and hundreds of other small business owners.  Since the Avast help desk is overseas, support was minimal during the day.  We don’t recommend Avast, it is not on our approved software list.  It is frustrating that we lost time yesterday helping with software we did not recommend.

AVG is our recommended anti virus solution.

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  1. POS Solutions, a competitor, has been beating their corporate chest about Avast since this blog post. They say that Avast has local support. Well, no, the don’t Serious suppoprt from the comopany comes from overseas – this is what they company itself told us. POS says that the problem we reported is not real. Avast has acknowledged it is real.

    We recoomend AVG.

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