tower_vivace.JPGWe booked out Vivace restaurant in Brighton (Victoria) Sunday night for our 2009 Christmas party.   This is our fourth year at Vivace and it did not disappoint.  Excellent food and wine, wonderful company and plenty of laughs.

The Kris Kringle was again a feature of the evening, spanning a couple of hours while people steal or choose gifts and then show them off.  We brought in team members from our offices in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia.

We followed the party with team meetings throughout yesterday.  Our installation team got together as did our sales team plus our development and sales teams.   This interaction is important to our review of 2009 and our planning for 2010.

I’d highly recommend Vivace to anyone looking for a wonderful night out.   The made our party a wonderful evening, again.  We will be back!