Our gift shop software is helping gift retailers get through good business this Christmas.  Fast, efficient and accurate sales processing at the Point of Sale is the front end of benefits we deliver.  The real gold for gift shops is in the back end – understanding what is selling, what is in the basket and where money was made – as opposed to where it was not made.

Our gift shop software provides gift shop owners with specialty facilities and reports which help in planning for major seasons such as Christmas. We also make it easy to share sales data between retailers and suppliers.  This definitely drives better relationships and helps build more profitable seasons.

We also make it easier for gift shop owners to bring on casual employees just for the Christmas season.  For these new casual employees, learning the software is easy thanks to our various free training platforms.

The reports we are receiving indicate that Christmas 2009 is tracking as a good season for gift shops.  We are glad to be playing a small part in that with our customers.