christmas_message.jpg We have prepared a simple Christmas greeting for inclusion on receipts printed by our software.  Retailers using our Point of Sale software can include this message automatically on receipts printed between now and Christmas.

There is no extra effort per sale for including a marketing message on receipts.

Receipts are an excellent low-cost way of communicating with and marketing to customers.  Our software enables the image printed to be tailored based on a range of criteria within the sale – making the receipts a smart marketing delivery channel.

We know it is much easier to earn more from an existing customer than to lure a completely new customer into the business.  This is why we provide excellent facilities within our software to facilitate and even encourage this.

We see our Point of sale software as much as marketing assistant as POS software.

The artwork for the latest marketing messages on receipts was developed by Simon Frost, the manager of one of our own newsagencies.