With Christmas sales in full swing many retailers have casual staff on and this is driving an increase in call traffic.  Most calls are questions on how to use part of the software they are unfamiliar with.  Smart retailers put new employees through one or two of our training videos and provide access to our software documentation.  This helps us and it helps our customers.

Our Saturday full service help desk also helped this weekend.  This service, on top of our usual mobile 24/7 support service, offers enhanced customer service and enables us to provide the type of training necessary with new owners and employees.  It’s a key point of difference from Tower Systems.

This is our first Christmas with the new training videos.  We will review how they have been used and take the give our customers more tools for answering training questions.  We are able to make this assessment since we track all video access by customer.  Once we overlay this with call traffic we can draw conclusions to help with our planning.