In addition to tracking the performance of floor space in retail, our Point of sale software also tracks performance by shelf space.  Our retail partners can easily allocate shelf space by product categories and rely on the software to report on sales and gross margin contribution by shelf space.

We have seen the shelf space metric change the view of the performance of categories within a business.  A product category which may perform well in terms of floor space could be overtaken by a product category which uses shelf space efficiency and achieves good sales from this space allocation.

The key to shelf space efficiency is the fixturing used.  It must drive a rewarding density without sacrificing visual appeal.  We work with retail designers to navigate this fine balance and to track performance.

Beyond traditional Point of Sale facilities, our retail management software works deep within retail businesses to help the owners and employees drive greater success. We play in the space, helping our retail partners to understand the reports in our software and through them to unlock a better return.

The Tower Advantage TM delivers many benefits long after the software is installed.