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The multi-store Christmas for our Point of Sale software

The four Sophie Randall stores I own had a busy Christmas like many retailers.   These stores use our multi-store point of sale software – all stores are connected via a hosted version of our POS software.  While their registers, integrated eftpos services and other facilities are local, they can see stock holdings in each store as well as our warehouse.  They can also easily transfer stock, share customers and undertake other shared work.

We measure the success of multi-store software by register uptime, speed and data accuracy.  Our own experience in our own stores setup to our standards is 100% on all three measures.

In terms of sheer volume of business processed, the two days before Christmas as well as Boxing Day are the three busiest days of the last twelve months.   We handled this well.  What makes this gratifying is that a week before Christmas we installed a software update which will be released early in the New Year.  We wanted this stress tested so putting our own retail businesses in the firing line made sense.

It’s great owning a live trial site where we can further enhance our multi-store software and learn – also where we can show our software to other retailers with multiple outlets in a live environment.



  1. I note your comments. I guess it is easy to set up a remote(home) to enable monitoring of sales as well as doing all those troublesome returns. I have found it difficult with all the interuptions to actually do the management work whilst in the shop such as checking sales and balancing accounts. I have broadband although it seems a little slow and I shall try to upgrade to adsl2+.


  2. Wally, I have home access as well. It works well. The key is stable and fast internet access.


  3. hi I have my computer guy setting up remote at home in the nest week hoping it will be handy as sometimes you would like to look at something that you forgot at the shop


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