Using Tower Systems Point of Sale software, retailers may easily group specific items together for a discount price – if a specified quantity or group of items is purchased.  For example, any combination of three chocolate bars may attract a price of $2.00 while as single bars they may be $1.00 each.

This level of discounting can be setup at the head office or at the store level.  By managing the discounting through the POS software, retail staff can focus on managing sales rather than remembering the various discounts which apply at any point in time.

Retailers can have as many items in a Mix and Match list as they want.  They can also edit this list at any time or bring the discount offered to an end.

The level of flexibility in discounting options for grouped items is crucial in competitive retail situations.  Our software provides retailers with pricing options which enable them to more easily compete with major retailers.

Our advice sheet G25 explains how to set this and other forms of catalogue discounting up.  We have more than 100 advice sheets at our website.  We also have a free training video on catalogue setup at our website.