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Tyro broadband eftpos driving good retail business

With hundreds of users of our Point of Sale software now processing eftpos transactions through the Tyro broadband eftpos interface, we are building excellent data on the business benefits.

Tyro is saving our retail users, including our own retail businesses, time and money with a faster and mroe secure solution.  Since our software communicates directly with the EFTPOS terminal, we reduce internal fraud and errors.

Here are the key benefits our customers tell us about:

  • Speed and efficiency (transaction time less than 4 seconds)
  • Lower costs (no phone line, no admin fees, free paper rolls)
  • Low integration set up costs
  • Low merchant service fees negotiated by Tower Systems
  • Reduced internal and shop front fraud
  • Secure, real-time online reporting

The Tower Systems / Tyro integration offers improved efficiency and accuracy – as we are seeing ourselves in our own retail businesses.  Yes, we used this ourselves to prove its worth first.

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  1. I have a small business and i am interested in portable eftpos. The benefits you outline about broadband eftpos are of interest to me but in a portable form.

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