Point of Sale software, like any business investment, has an obligation to deliver a return on the investment.

We regularly assess the return that an investment in Tower Systems Point of Sale can achieve.  Most recently, we have been looking at the benefit of a more efficient stock investment.

Our research shows that a retail business turning over $500,000 a year implementing our Point of Sale software and managing stock using the principles we suggest can reduce their stock investment by at least $4,000 in the first year.  Our software identifies under-performing stock using a range of metrics appropriate to the business.  These include, return on investment, return on floor space, stock turn and return on shelf space.

Using our software, retailers can identify under performing stock, devise a plan and unlock this cash, and space, for use elsewhere.

This is genuine value derived from good Point of Sale software – unlocking cash from inefficiencies in your retail business so that you can spend it where you are more likely to achieve a better return.

While the saving is often more than $4,000, we prefer to publicly state the level of benefit we expect based on years of experience.