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Software update beta program progress report

We have now loaded the beta release of our first major software update for 2010 onto systems in twenty businesses across five states running a total of more than forty five POS registers.

The feedback we are receiving is most encouraging.  Many are commenting on some of the unexpected new facilities.

This update delivers many changes requested by our user community through our Software Ideas facility.  It also delivers enhancements which we have developed over a long period of time and not released until now.

The beta program expands next week, getting the update into more sites.

We are taking our time because of the scope of changes delivered.  With more than 2,000 small businesses in our user community and relying on us we take care with every update.



  1. Are you able to advise what is in the new package. Having only recently got into the business I was busy learning what the system had and liked the putaway of magazines for specific customers and could see an opportunity to build a special relationship with customers by ordering and holding their mags for them. Having spent sometime trying to set this up in my system i asked helpdesk what i was doing wrong only to discover that i did not have this part of the system as it was built into the newspaper delivery part of the software. i am a retailer only and have no use for that and the cost to add it seemed prohibit for the limited use I would have from it.
    It would also be nice to have some sort of matrix so that i can work out what facilities i do and dont have in my software. It would have saved me considerable time.
    I am hopeful that with the update it maybe coming.
    Finally any advice on a manual system would be useful.


  2. Wally,

    We detail update contents in private communication for competitive reasons. This advice will be going out to our customers later this month. It will detail the changes in the update and include advice sheets on new facilities.

    The putaways facility can be supplied separately to the home delivery software. You’re better off speaking to one of our sales team.


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