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Creating electronic invoices for your customers

With many newsagents using our software supplying other retailers also using our software, we make it easy for the supplying newsagent to generate an electronic invoice which can be quickly imported by the receiving newsagent.

OPur Point of Sale software created a DD2 file from Invoice/Delivery Docket or Statement for the recipient – using the industry standard layout.  We have an advice sheet (G43) which explains how this works.

This is another time saving feature in our software for both businesses.  We developed this facility as a result of a customer request and seeing the need oursleves.  It works a treat: saves time, cuts mistakes and facilitates easier flow of stock between connected businesses.

This is on my mind this morning because the facility won us another new customer yesterday.  We are thrilled when a software feature wins us a new customer.


  1. this advice sheet does not seem to be on the website

  2. Scott, it’s provided directly for the moment as it’s yet to be approved for publishing.

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