How much is more efficient good customer service worth to a retail business? Our own research over the years suggests that it could be worth between 1% and 5% sales growth, depending on the type of business and the opportunities exploited.

Often, it is the customer service which brings a shopper back to a business. We have found ways, using our Point of Sale software, to reinforce the customer service experience and help present our partner retail businesses in a better light.

Here are some of the ways our software consistently improves the customer experience:

  • Answering questions. Thanks to a powerful Point of Sale screen, many customer queries can be answered from the counter. This makes the business look good and encourages a good feeling in the customer.
  • Managing appreciation. Our loyalty facilities track customer purchases and helps in distributing points and other rewards. There is store evidence that a well managed loyalty system is key to reinforcing shopper loyalty. We make this easy for our retailers.
  • Up-sell reminders. Our software gently reminds retail employees of up-sell opportunities – during the sale. Our software also ensures that customers are given the best price possible – often resulting in an unexpected saving for the customer.
  • Accurate selling. Right through the sale and to the receipt we handle each transaction accurately and with detail necessary to show the business off in a professional light.
  • Follow-up. Sending your customers a text messages reminding them that special orders are in is loved by many. This is one example of follow up opportunities in our software.
  • Purchase options. Offering Lay-By and other facilities improves customer service over more limited purchase plans.
  • Easy handling of refunds and credits. Thanks to straightforward facilities in our software, we make it easy to handle what can be messy transactions like refunds and credits. This saves time and gives the customer a good experience.

There are plenty of ways our software helps retail employees deliver professional and friendly customer service. You can bank on the sales lift from this.