We have just completed another week of beta testing of a major Point of Sale software update.  The results I have seen are impressive.

We have also completed some visual enhancements and fresh artwork for the CD on which the update will be delivered.  These visual changes along with some exciting and surprise enhancements will strengthen our market position.

We are on track to start manufacturing update CDs and printing the comprehensive documentation pack starting, including new advice sheets, next weekend.

While most enhancements in the last year have been delivered online, our customers tell us that they like to receive a complete replacement copy of the software each year so that this can be kept in a safe place in case of an emergency.

With the CD we will send with this update will be a complete fresh copy of our software which can be loaded on any PC to get the business going immediately without the need to contact us.  This is excellent insurance, especially if internet access is down or slow.  As we have seen in several situations in the late year with fires and floods, having the CD can help a business minimise downtime.

So, we start manufacturing the CDs next weekend.  We will roll the update out on a staggered basis – to manage call traffic.

The update will be sent to all Tower Advantage TM customers.