With our first trade show for the year now over we are well into planning for the GHA Home and Giving Fair in Sydney later this month.  This looks set to be an excellent event with close to 30,000 business people expected to attend.

We will announce a special offer at the GHA Home and Giving Fair along with other innovation.

We are using trade shows this year to show new software as well as our online training and training videos.  It’s great to show our point of difference live and in a context which makes sense – more so than just talking about things.

Here is our revised Trade Show schedule for 2010 so far.

  • GHA Home & Giving Fair, Sydney, Feb 27 – Mar 2
  • Reed Gift Fair, Brisbane, July 3 – 6
  • GHA Home & Giving Fair, Melbounre, August 7 – 11
  • GNS Market Fair, Melbourne, Jul 31 – Aug 1
  • GNS Market Fair, Sydney, August 7 – 8
  • Ausbike/Interbike, Melbourne, August 22 – 23
  • GNS Market Fair, Perth, August 22
  • JAA Jewellery Fair, Sydney, Aug 30 – Sept 1
  • GNS Market Fair, Brisbane, Sept. 11 – 12

We expect to add at least anothermore trade shows to these plans as we develop opportunities with trade show organisations.