software_for_newsagents.jpgTower Systems is proud to have just launched a new newsagent software special offer at our website.  The collateral for this new offer visually and thematically connects with the fresh look and feel of our new website and the new product collateral developed by our marketing team.

Our investment in new marketing collateral, as with our investment in our new website, is considerable.  It reflects our commitment to change which is also evident in our Point of Sale software.

We see software as enjoyable and valuable, something certainly to be celebrated.  Celebration is a central theme in how we represent our software, our company and the benefits we deliver to our customers.

The new collateral features in fresh marketing being sent to newsagents who do not already partner with us.  It is also being offered at industry trade shows which commence shortly.

Tower Systems currently serves in excess of 1,600 newsagents.  More newsagents use our software than all of our competitors combined.

We are grateful for the trust shown by newsagents for giving us this market share.  We respect this through our commitment to customer service and enhancing the value achievable from our software.