touchscreen_pc.JPGWe regularly assess new hardware as to suitability for our needs.  While suppliers often come to us with hardware to consider, we also go out and buy hardware for more comprehensive testing.  This is what we did with the touch screen computer in the photo.

We’d heard good reports about this unit and wanted to test it ourselves.  Indeed, we were excited about what looked like a sexy unit.  Borrowing was not an option for the testing we wanted to do so we bought one.

After exhaustive testing, we found the unit not up to scratch for the needs of our retailers.  It’s too slow and physically cumbersome, especially for high volume retail.

While it’s a risk to spend the money on hardware like this, the investment pays off by knowing what hardware to avoid and what hardware we recommend.

The downside is that we find ourselves left with odd bits of hardware which we either give away or sell for far less than we paid.