One of the most important facilities in our Point of Sale software is the suite of powerful reports which detail the performance of products by supplier.

These are far more useful to our retailer partners than reports produced by the suppliers since they report on over the counter activity in the business.

Our reports serve our customers first.  As we have seen recently, some retailer supplier reports serve the supplier ahead of the retailer.

Our reporting on supplier performance is one of the most compelling reasons for adhering to our proven stock control standards.  Retailers can bank on the value! We help ensure this value is unlocked through our user meetings, online training, face to face training, advice sheets and training videos.

We are as passionate about helping our retailers than ever.  This is why we continue to invest time and money in helping our user community achieve more.

Supplier performance is on my mind today because of a report I have reviewed overnight.  Supplier performance in this instance has not helped the business.