Thanks to the excellent take up of our suite of training videos, we have been encouraged to started work preparing to shoot new videos over the next couple of weeks.  We are grateful to our customers who suggested new video topics for us to consider.

The process is time consuming since we need to develop content, have this peer reviewed, shoot the video and make adjustments as necessary.  This is all done in house in the same facility used for our line online training workshops.

We anticipate the first of the new videos to be available from our website next week, maybe sooner.   Access to the videos is free to all Tower Advantage TM customers.

The training videos are a real hit with our customers.  Some have achieved hundreds of viewings in a short period.  They are a great way to learn and to have all key stakeholders learn – in their own time.

Our EDI standards video has itself become a standard in the newsagency channel.  We are proud to have such a valuable resource available for our user community.