Earlier this year we offered our Marketing Tools software free to existing customers using our Point of Sale software for a limited period of time. We advertised it only through this blog. Plenty took up the offer.

I made the offer as a thank you to our customers, particularly those engaging in our online activities.

We are starting to hear from people using the Marketing Tools and the benefits they are achieving. This is one note I received overnight from a happy customer.

Thank you Tower Systems. The marketing software is helping us market our business better than ever. We just sent out our first emails.  We are using our customer database and we are getting a response in sales. So thank you for this free gift. It is not often we in small business get a leg up. You have made us feel good.

It is not the first time we have given away valuable software and it will not be the last. We understand our role in helping our retail partners and adding value where we are able. The free Marketing Tools software did that. It is proof of our actions speaking louder than our words.

Every dollar added to the bottom line of a retail business is multiplied when it comes time to sell. We are glad to make our retailers more valuable.