Point of Sale software training this week

Our four free online training workshops for users of our Point of Sale software this week are:

  • Point of Sale – Tuesday, Mar 16 @ 11am.  This is a good introduction to our Point of Sale screen and everything you can do from it.
  • Repairs – Mar 16 @ 2pm.  Seeour new repairs software and let us know what you think.
  • Importing stock files – Mar 18 @ 11am.  How to import stock files from suppliers and navigate questions you sometimes have.
  • Officesmart – Mar 18 @ 2pm.  Officesmart is the newsagent owneddiscount / volume stationery strategy from GNS.  This training session will outline how to use our software to manage Officesmart and make the most of the opportunity.

To book for any of these sessions, please go to our website.

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