receiptrollsad.jpgTower Systems has launched a range of artwork designed for printing on sales receipts – turning these business documents into marketing billboards. Receipts printed using the Tower Point of Sale software are like a professional do it yourself shop-a-docket.

This free service from Tower Systems is available to all Tower Advantage TM customers through the company website. Click here to see a list of receipt artwork currently available without cost.  These can be downloaded and used with the receipt printers recommended by the company.  Advice sheet G32 explains how to load the artwork on receipts.

The five receipt artwork images to the left are only a selection of what the company has created for its customers.  The website has more.

The Tower software includes smart ad serving facilities which provide flexibility to the retailer about when each receipt is to be included in a sale.  these facilities provide flexibility for retailers around which artwork is served and when.

The development and release of these receipts is further evidence of the support Tower provides retailers using its Point of Sale software. The company goes beyond telling people how to use its software, by producing this artwork it adds value delivered by the software to the business.

The company has invited suggestions from its customers for future receipt advertisements and coupons to be produced by its in-house creative team.  Suggestions can be logged through the Software Ideas facility on the website -those allowed to vote on the idea.