Tower Systems has been serving retailers with software for the gift and homewares channels for five years. The company has a twenty-nine year track record of developing, selling and supporting world class retail management software. The company currently serves in excess of 2,500 independent retailers using its software.

Recently, we have been working with more suppliers to extend the reach of EDI facilities in the gift and homewares channels. We are pleased to be able to help bring structure through our Point of Sale software which delivers time and money savings to the relationships between suppliers and retailers.

The Tower Systems software serves gift and homewares retailers in a range of key business areas:

Point of Sale: tracking sales, managing price, lay-bys, seasonal catalogues.

Stock control: Automatic reordering to the requirements of the business, theft tracking, supplier performance comparison, margin management.

Marketing. Flexible loyalty marketing tools, mobile phone, email and regular mail marketing facilities plus the ability to understand the true value of each customer.

Business management: Through over eighty value packed reports, on screen insights and other facilities, the Tower software partners with retailers in guiding better business decisions based on good business data.

To ensure that gift and homewares retailers get the most from the Tower software investment, the company provides in-store face to face training, weekly online and live training workshops, free access to up to date training videos as well as regular capital city and regional user meetings.