Replacing the cash register

Cash registers are becoming a tool of yesteryear for small independent retailers thanks to better value Point of Sale software. Our small retailer POS software package, can easily replace a cash register and provide the retail business with superior facilities.

While a cash register has a lower capital cost, there are many areas where good Point of Sale software will help the business more:

  • Faster selling.
  • More accurate selling.
  • Theft reduction.
  • Sales tracking by item, department and supplier.
  • Easier reordering.
  • Business performance management.
  • Customer loyalty facilities.
  • Customer accounts.
  • Customer special orders.
  • Selling electronic voucher products from suppliers.
  • Sales reporting to suppliers.
  • Remote location business management.
  • Tracking product returns.
  • Employee performance management.

There are plenty of other ways Point of Sale software can be more helpful to a retail business over old cash register technology. With more than 2,000 retailers in our user community we have excellent stories which demonstrate these benefits.

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