Through our Online Training Academy we are offering free access to another four online training workshops this week:

  • Mastering Catalogues – Tuesday, Apr 6 @ 11am.  learn how to import catalogue data from suppliers, manage prices and ensure that correct cost and retail pricing operates.
  • Retail Stock Management: configuration and maintenance – Apr 6 @ 2pm.  Managing stock is easy with the right setup.  This workshop is for retailers serious about managing stock effectively.
  • Retail Stock Management: reordering – Apr 8 @ 11am.  reordering stock is where a point of sale system can pay for itself.  This workshop shows how to use valuable data from the system to manage stock reordering.
  • Mastering Sub Agents – Apr 8 @ 2pm.  Sub agents are important to distribution newsagents.  This workshop covers how to manage sub agents using the software – for the benefit of the newsagency as well as the sub agents.

Our online training program helps our customers master more of their software and through this make more from their technology investment.

You can register to participate right up to an hour before we start.

Access to our online training is free as part of the Tower Advantage TM program.