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Local number POS software support important to retailers

For years now Tower Systems has offered Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane based users of its Point of Sale software local call support Monday to Friday – this is in addition to our after hours support based around six mobile phone numbers.

We installed a communications infrastructure which connects our offices in the three states where we have the most customers. This is what allows our customers to call from their home state and we place the call in the office best resourced to handle the call.

Our infrastructure enables us to have our help desk team working from various offices as their schedules permit.

Offering local number support call access and promoting this in our weekly emails, printed newsletters, on our help cards, in our software and on other communication helps keep the cost of support calls down. This is important to independent small retailers.

We are the only national Point of Sale software company in our marketplaces to offer such an extensive service.

To help other users reduce contact costs, we offer a call back service plus email, web, Skype and other help desk entry points.



  1. Mark have you been reading the POS Solutions blog. They are copying you again. You reminded us about local support support and sure enough they follow you. Funny thing is I don’t recall POS offering this to users before. Their imitation of you must be flattering.


  2. Geoff, I had not checked it. They have copied us in many ways over the years. If the result is better service for their customers good luck to them. Recent contact from some of their customers tells us that better service is not a universal experience.


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