Managing backups the safe and easy way

backup-sticks.JPGI was in Mackay briefly yesterday and noticed how they organise their backup USB sticks for the week. Very smart. Hanging them this way and near the exit from the office means that they are less likely to be forgotten and that the USB sticks are less likely to be lost. I was very impressed and recommend this approach to all of our customers. The key holder can be sourced through any hardware store.

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  1. David

    I just sold some keyrings to a customer who was bemoaning the fact they dont come with cords anymore.
    Showed her the photo and she was sold.


  2. Gerry

    Noticed that in the photo there is a memory stick for each day.

    You should always take home that day’s memory stick, and my practice is to, on arrival at work the next morning, leave the memory stick in the car.

    That way, there is always a reasonably up to date back-up kept off the premises.


  3. peter

    aren’t we ment to keep the stick off site….. hanging them up near the exit is great, but if the cat bugular or a fire wants them, all the info is lost?

    the most important info to me is customers account balances, debit or credit. everything else can be replaced after a fire, but if mrs smith paid 52 weeks upfront on the day of the fire, your screwed…..


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