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Meeting 21 users in Dubbo

Twenty one users of our Point of Sale software have booked to participate in our Dubbo user meeting today.  It’s being held at the Quality Inn Dubbo International.  The meeting starts at 10am if you have time to make it.  Some are travelling several hours to participate.  We are touched by such commitment.  Jonathan Tay, our Software development Manager will be running the meeting – delivering high quality content on whuch our customers can rely.

Like many regions around NSW, Dubbo is very strong for us.  It’s a mix of long term users as well as some who have recentlyjoined our user community.

These face ot face user meetings are a vital connection between Tower Systems and our customers.  We get plenty out of them as do our customers – by all accounts.


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  1. Mark, we attended the meeting in Dubbo and we would like to thank Jonathan for holding a very informative and helpful meeting.

    Thanks for supporting country newsagents.

    Thanks Jonathan and Tower


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