We are working with a new supplier to bring several new products to the eziPass platform. We developed eziPass several years ago to provide newsagents and convenience stores with a platform through which they can dispense electronic products, make payments and handle other types of electronic transactions back direct to the suppliers in real time.

With more than 1,000 retailers transacting through eziPass, it is a platform of significant interest and proven capability.

We have a structured process for bringing new suppliers onto the platform and signing with our retail network for processing payment.

We already use eziPass to vend around 300 products and services – from prepaid Visa to tourist tickets to phonecards. It’s track record of dealing directly with financial institutions, online betting and other equally demanding businesses shows off its capacity.

We offer access to eziPass direct from within our Point of Sale software as well as in a stand alone mode for retailers using other Point of Sale software.